Musical Comedy

Following the great reception of their comedic piece “The History of the Toy Piano” and inspired by comedic heroes such as Monty Python, Rowan Atkinson and Victor Borge, Indigo presents Indigo’s Pianolympics, a brand new musical comedy show at the 2018 Adelaide Fringe in Australia:

Ever wondered what goes on at those posh piano competitions? Indigo presents the Pianolympics, a tournament like no other! Along with a host of other zany musical sketches featuring rogue Russian virtuosi, toy pianos and classic tunes like The Fart Of The Bumblebee, this show will crack you up whether you’re a classical music nut or not!

If you enjoy genius musical comedians such as Victor Borge and Igudesman & Joo, you’ll enjoy this show. If you love celebrating and/or poking fun at the great traditions of classical piano, you’ll love this show. If you are a classical music snob, you may or may not find this show mildly entertaining/insulting.

  • Sunday 18th February, 4pm
  • Friday 2nd March, 6pm

Venue: The Jade, 160 Flinders St, Adelaide

Tickets HERE